Domestic Violence is a rising threat to New Yorkers and is a public health issue. Bronxites, especially women of color, suffer the most, with the highest intimate partner homicides. We need to invest in restorative justice programs, whose impact is the longest lasting and most successful and helps domestic violence victims regain their power. Domestic Violence takes many forms, such as Family Violence between people related by blood or amongst caretakers, elder abuse, and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), which happens between past and previous romantic partners living together or apart.

Elected officials who commit domestic violence need to be held accountable. We continue to see leaders abuse their power and must establish policies that prioritize prevention. We propose a slate of policies that address Domestic Violence in the 2021 Council.


Our Domestic Violence Policy Priorities:


  • We must introduce a policy in the Council that anyone convicted of domestic violence will be immediately expelled and should have their pension revoked. Upon expulsion for Domestic Violence, previously elected officials must be banned from seeking future City office.

  • Elected officials, staff, City agency employees, and all essential emergency responders must be mandated to take EEO and Sexual Harassment Training. 

  • 311 must modify their system to automatically connect survivors to the Domestic Violence Hotline to receive services via phone and text message.

  • We must enhance Intro-0371, which encourages cosmetologists to take Domestic Violence training to recognize and respond to clients who are victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

  • In an attempt to leave an abusive household, victims of Domestic Violence often become homeless in their efforts to escape their abuser. We need to ensure that victims are provided the space to safely and securely recover.

    • We will allocate more discretionary funding to groups like Safe Horizon, GEMS, VIP (Violence Intervention Program), Destination Tomorrow, and other LGBTQ centers that provide critical transitional housing.

    • We call on the Governor to allocate funding for Domestic Violence survivors to access transitional housing resources to protect themselves from their abuser safely.

  • Given the number of domestic violence cases in The Bronx, we need to establish additional Family Justice Centers throughout the borough, with extended daily and weekend hours. 

  • We must work with NY Health + Hospitals, our community schools, and community health centers to provide mental health resources to victims and survivors. 

  • We must mandate that Domestic Violence resources are readily available:

    • Multi-lingual resources must be made available City-wide.

    • Domestic Violence resources must be distributed and posted in community spaces. 

This policy plan is endorsed by Helen Rosenthal, Chair of the Committee on Women & Gender Equity


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