LGBTQIA Solidarity

As a woman and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I recognize the importance of progressive human rights advocacy. I am determined to make New York a sanctuary for all of our residents. We must defend the human rights of all New Yorkers. The vulnerability of the LGBTQ+ community can no longer be accepted as the status quo, and it is our responsibility to ensure their safety. The security of marginalized communities is integral to the growth of our city’s diversity. We must protect the rights of all New Yorkers to be the most inclusive city in the world.


Our plan for LGBTQIA Solidarity:

•Support the NYC Unity Works Program to combat inequality and develop more jobs for our LGBTQIA youth

•Work with NYC Health + Hospitals to create more Pride Centers, to better serve the health care needs of the LGBTQ community.


•Support Council Resolution 0923, introduced by Councilmember Carlina Rivera in 2019 that calls for an end to the Walking While Trans Ban

I call on our leadership in Albany to repeal section 240.37 of the New York Penal Law – the walking while trans ban and urge the state legislature to pass State Senator Hoylman and Assembly Member Paulin’s bill (S2253-A654), that repeals this section of the penal code, and for the governor to sign this legislation into law. 

Women’s Equity

Women’s Rights have become more vulnerable because of the Trump Administration’s hostility. Now, more than ever, we must double down to ensure that we make New York City equitable.  Women in New York need to be assured that their dignity and rights are protected in the workplace, in their housing, and the healthcare system. A woman’s life should not be determined by a poor landlord, employer, or intimate partner, and it’s up to us to legislate so women can thrive without fear.

•Expand and defend workplace rights for women

•Ensure women receive equal pay for equal work 

•Uphold sexual harassment and pregnancy discrimination laws


•Protect women’s rights to make their own healthcare choices

•Address Maternal Mortality:

•Expand funding for Doulas in New York City public hospitals

•Establish birthing facilities in all city-wide hospitals.

•Provide and protect those most vulnerable to gender-based and intimate partner violence by supporting Early-lease termination and Lock Change Policies that defend domestic violence survivors.

New Sanctuary

Hard-working immigrants come here searching for safety and employment, hopeful for a better life than the one they might have had at home. Like so many who have contributed to the fabric of life in New York’s five boroughs, immigrants have helped shape our city. We must continue to defend our sanctuary and protect immigrants. New York City has passed legislation to keep ICE and DHS out of courts and airports and terminate all contracts with ICE. I will continue to uphold these protections and keep ICE and DHS out of New York. 

Our plan for New Sanctuary:

•Support legislation that allows green card holders to vote in municipal elections

•Keep federal immigration enforcement out of our airports and schools

•Remove the NYC Street Vendor cap

•Increase funding for free legal services for undocumented families






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