The Coronavirus pandemic has strained our healthcare system. Our hospitals are under-resourced, and unemployment has left many without basic healthcare coverage. Not only do we need to provide New Yorkers with affordable healthcare, but we also need to develop a system that enables families of every size and income bracket to thrive. We must create solutions that address the high-rate of deaths mothers experience in childbirth, and we have to offer coverage to those who are providing care to their families. 


Our plan for A Healthy City:

•Expand access to the NYC Care Program to all New Yorkers

•Lead expansion efforts towards a truly universal healthcare system

•Support more community-based outreach and enrollment assistance to engage the hard-to-reach eligible but uninsured. 

•Ensure that immigrants are entitled to the same level of health services as permanent residents


•Provide preventive and primary care, specialized care, rehabilitation, long-term-care (together with social services), and dental care

•Provide free transportation to hospitals and healthcare facilities to patients who need it


•Establish Universal Family Care program that creates the infrastructure to support early child care and education, paid medical and family leave, and long term services and support

Aging In Comfort

Our aging New Yorkers deserve to live in comfort and dignity. Currently, the aging population faces unnecessary burdens. They are faced with insufficient housing that they struggle to afford, and our essential social services make it difficult to access mobility options. We need to expand our policies to build processes around aging in comfort and address programming that supports a dignified life for our aging population.


Our plan for Aging In Comfort:

Increase funding for Senior Services and Community Centers

Establish automatic enrollment into the Senior Citizens Rent Increase Exemption Program (SCRIE) and the Senior Citizens Homeowners’ Exemption

Expand the Access-A-Ride program through municipal control

Work with DOB to ensure ADA accessibility compliance

Expand food programs such as Meals on Wheels and GetFoodNYC


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