Housing is a human right. It should be affordable and accessible for all New Yorkers. Instead, many of our hard-working neighbors are struggling to pay rising rents while wages remain stagnant. Others are at risk of displacement by development interests or suffering in unlivable conditions. Over half of the single mothers with young children in District 15 live in poverty, and 41% of households are severely rent-burdened. 

Our city is in the midst of an affordability crisis, more of our population is experiencing homelessness, and others are paying 40-50% of their income on rent. Our City will need to make real investments in affordable housing and NYCHA. We need to expand housing opportunities for people of all incomes and focus on policies that combat historical and existing discrimination. 

Modern housing will require us to invest in alternative solutions such as Community Land Trusts and rent-to-own programs, especially for vacant properties. It will also require us to work with Congressional representatives to overhaul AMI calculations for New York City and the boroughs by removing Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland Counties. We need to recalculate the cost of living for New Yorkers and provide meaningful oversight so people can live with the dignity they deserve.

Our plan for Housing for All:

•Expand Right to Counsel for eviction cases across the entire city, and develop resources to educate tenants and housing advocates

•Support accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and conversions of large single-family homes to two- or three-family homes

•Build 100% permanently affordable housing on vacant city lots

•Support the shared governance and collective ownership of NYCHA

•Increase funding for the NYC Community Land Trust Initiative

•Pass the Community Opportunity to Purchase Act

•Support ending the 421a tax subsidy for developers

•Support the Stabilizing NYC Initiative to continue community-led organizing that combats the city’s affordable housing crisis


Elisa supports the demands of Housing Justice For All and the Homes Guarantee campaigns.


Ending Homelessness
The City Council must prioritize solutions for homelessness, especially homeless children. Thousands of students suffered from homelessness in the last year, and District 15 ranks as the second-highest percentage of homeless students in the entire city.  Already forced to grapple with challenges such as long commutes to school and shelter transfers, the constant stress of homelessness can also lead to more significant behavioral and academic difficulties, which have lasting ramifications for our youth.


Our Plan for Ending Homelessness:


  • Increase the percentage of units set aside for the homeless individuals in city-subsidized housing from 15% to 20%

  • Work with non-profit organizations to build Social Housing to providing long term sustainable solutions to homelessness

  • Increase the amount of CityFHEPS vouchers, as well as the value of the vouchers

  • Create more low threshold Safe Haven shelters to eliminate barriers for those experiencing street homelessness

  • Establish a Public Database of Complaints and Violations in DHS run shelters


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