Elisa Crespo anuncia su candidatura al Concejo Municipal de Nueva York


"La visión de Elisa Crespo es de un distrito y una ciudad que funcione para todos. “El coronavirus ha devastado nuestras comunidades, pero lucharemos para garantizar que el camino hacia la recuperación reconstruya nuestra ciudad mejor y más justa de lo que era antes”, dijo en su primer discurso."

Elisa Crespo unveils platform in run for City Council seat


"Crespo made the announcement at Tremont Park now that Rep.-elect Ritchie Torres will be heading to Washington, D.C."

OPED: New York City Needs a Public Option for Employment


“A Public Option for Employment means, simply, that New York City will have a job for everyone who is ready, able, and willing to work when the private sector is not fulfilling our city’s economic needs. This was the underlying concept behind FDR’s New Deal, which was the lynchpin of lifting our nation out of the Great Depression almost a century ago. We have extensive work to do to improve our city, and we have people desperately in need of work. It only makes sense to connect people ready to work with jobs that need doing."

What's at Stake in 2020


Elisa Crespo returns as part of our ongoing series on what is at stake in the 2020 election and to share her perspective on what is unfolding in America.

The Next Step for the New York Left: City Hall


The race to succeed Ritchie Torres as member of the City Council for the 15th district has garnered significant interest. Elisa Crespo, a DSA member and former aide to the Borough President, has emerged as one of the leading fundraisers in the race."

More than 40 City Council Hopefuls Pledge to Tackle City’s Maternal Mortality Crisis


Crespo proposes funding the proposals outlined by the plan, in part, by using funds divested from the NYPD — and “refunding the people,” she said. “This is a life-and-death situation for Black women and we can absolutely find money for this,” she said. “I’m tired of The Bronx being the sickest, poorest, hungriest borough.”

Hate Has No Place in Norwood


Speaking with Norwood News before the rally, Crespo made clear that her political campaign was not solely based around her identity as a transgender woman. “When I am elected as Councilwoman, I will be bringing a voice to a community that has never been heard,” she said. “But, I’m also here to represent everyone regardless of their background.”

Bronx LGBTQ Community Denounces Defacing of Mural in Norwood


“Someone, no one knows who, defaced the mural and wrote lots of hateful speech and bigoted comments on the top of it in red spray paint,” Elisa Crespo, an out trans candidate for City Council in the Bronx, told Gay City News in a phone interview on September 21."

Victory Fund Endorses 77 More LGBTQ Candidates for 2020


Today Victory Fund also endorsed Elisa Crespo in her 2021 race for New York City Council.

Bronx Mural Defaced and Spray-Painted With Homophobic Slurs


“Our lives are not any less valid than anyone else’s. Sadly, too often when we speak about Black Lives Matter, all black lives are not centered. This is why murals like this matter and are important," said Elisa Crespo.

Elisa Crespo on the What Matters Most Podcast


This is a highly inspiring conversation with Elisa Crespo, who is running for a seat on the New York City Council in District 15. I was deeply touched by her life story and how she came to discover who she really is and why she is here, plus what leads her to want to give back to the community at large and those who are less fortunate. If she succeeds, Elisa would become the first trans city lawmaker.

Trans Candidate Aims to Succeed Ritchie Torres as Bronx Councilmember


Crespo was motivated to run for the soon-to-be-open seat because she became tired of living in a community that she said has been rife with poverty and unemployment and always seems to be the “last in everything.”

Crowded Field Forms for Special Election to Replace Ritchie Torres in the City Council


“Those who have struggled, and been marginalized, and been oppressed should be the ones who should be making the decisions,” said Crespo, who is 29 years old and would likely be one of the youngest, if not the youngest, Council members. “My generation, for the first time, is not going to be better off than the generation before us. We’ve lived through multiple economic disasters and I strongly believe that it’s going to take a new generation of bold progressive leaders to bring systemic change."


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