When we talk about quality education, many facets need to be changed. We have to end the racial and economic segregation that our students face and integrate our schools so all students can thrive. By employing counselors instead of school safety officers, we can end the school-to-prison pipeline and use restorative justice programs to engage students. 

We need to invest in our schools and our students. By making sure our classrooms have proper resources, our teachers earn a livable wage, and our young people have access to affordable, quality education. We desperately need to address school overcrowding by building more public schools - and we should start right here in the Bronx.

Education should be accessible to all regardless of their zip code, yet 36% of people that live in District 15 have less than a high school education. We’re failing our youth and will have to develop solutions to adapt to our evolving learning environment to ensure that even the most underserved students can succeed.

Our plan for Quality Education:


•Expand the Community School Model and Career and Technical Education programs across public schools

•Increase STEM programs such as coding, robotics, and economics

•Fund dual language programs

•Increase funding for social workers and counselors 

•Expand professional development training for trauma-informed assessment and social and emotional training 

•Establish maximum class size requirements

•Close the digital divide and ensure schools have modern technology, laptops/tablets, and programs for at-home learning

•Launch affordable, municipal broadband to guarantee all New Yorkers have access to a reliable internet connection

•Include Financial Literacy in school curriculum

•Eliminate the use of exclusionary admissions practices and standardized testing and implement new inclusionary admissions practices

•Increase funding for after-school programming 

•Prioritize enrolling District 75 students in schools located in their communities

•Create an independent office for Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)

•Create programs that provide access to free legal services for families who appeal IEP decisions


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