Our criminal justice system must change. The system was designed to hurt underserved communities, and I want to work to transform that. Too many suffer at the hands of militarized policing. We must end mass incarceration. We must end the criminalization of poverty and mental illness, the over-policing of BIPOC communities, and the victimization of our LGBTQIA community. 

The role of police in our lives begins at an early age; that’s why we need to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline that is enabled through our students’ over-policing. We should be prioritizing funding towards social work and mental health programs, and put social workers in our schools and on public transportation.

Instead of building new jails, we must end the carceral state by finally closing Rikers and reinvesting in our communities. Increased gun violence indicates we must maintain strict gun control measures to protect our neighbors’ safety. De-militarization of our police is a top priority. As a City and as a nation, we have watched as brutal policing tactics have led to death and cries for reform. That’s why we need to reform the NYPD seriously, we need to invest in mediation programs, and we need to take restorative solutions to adequately address the trauma and pain in our communities.

Our plan to Restore Justice:

•Divest from over-policing and reinvest in low-income communities of color

•Cap overtime for NYPD officers


•Expand use of Alternatives to Incarceration 

•End ‘Broken Windows’ Policing Policies

•End profiling and Stop-And-Frisk by establishing enforceable protections against profiling

•Establish Alternative Approaches to Mental Health


•Fund Cure Violence groups, or funds for violence interrupters to expand to 24-hour shifts


•Invest in more psychological training for EMS to handle mental health-related calls properly


•Establish an Independent Elected Civilian Review Board allowed to fulfill proper oversight and accountability 

•End Solitary confinement in NYC jails for all

•Remove NYPD’s power to approve NYC press credentials

•No New Jails: Re-Investment of the $11 billion allocated to New Jails into Community Services


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